iStage immersive musical production ‘Alice in Wonderland’

May 5th, 2018

March Hare, Dormouse and the Mad Hatter, invite you all to join their tea party! Enjoy the story of Alice in Wonderland, while sipping your tea and celebrating your unbirthday.

Our Spring Production “Alice in Wonderland” is adapted and directed by Karina Bes, the director of performing arts at iStage Academy. This show will be performed by iStage musical theatre students age 8-16 years old. They will challenge themselves by performing this 80-minute non-stop immersive musical show in English.

Performance Information
Production:the immersive musical production ‘Alice in Wonderland’
Date:June 9th 7pm,  June 10th 1pm and 4pm
Performance Duration: 80 min
Venue: 2/F, 1088 Plaza, No.1078 South Pudong Road.

Five Highlights You Should Know
1. An immersive theatre children can enjoy
Sleep No More, one of the most popular immersive theatre shows in the world, brings the audience a big surprise and unique experience. However, some of the scenes in Sleep No More are not appropriate for children. Rather than being in a traditional theatre performance, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ will be played on several stages surrounding the audience. The intimate setting will make you to be a part of Alice’s magical journey from a very close distance.

2.iStage young performers accept a huge challenge of an immersive production
This show will be performed by our 8-16 year old Musical Theater and Drama students. Acting around the audience will challenge their skills and abilities. The students are the children from different international, bilingual and government schools in Shanghai with no professional theatre background, and no auditions were required for the performance actors. The sparkles between the students and the director will make everyone a shining star on the stage!

3.A magical wonderland at iStage
“Turning the classrooms into a magical forest” is a crazy idea. Five stages, more than 10 design pictures, lights, speakers, microphones… The iStage team will turn the whole stage into a wonderland. This is what you might see…

4. Experience this classic story
Dress up and get ready! You are invited to be apart of the wonderland!

5. Alice in Wonderland Themed High Tea
An Alice in Wonderland themed high tea will be provided, you could imagin yourself atteding "mad hatter's tea party" while you are enjoying the show! Also, every audience member will get a souvenir cup designed by iStage.

Alice in Wonderland tells the magical journey of a young girl in search of herself. She gets lost in a strange place called Wonderland, where she meets the strangest creatures: a cat who always grins, a white rabbit who is always late, a philosophical caterpillar, a cooking duchess, a pair of tweedles, a mad queen accompanied by the king and her army of royal cards and March Hare Dormouse and the Mad Hatter celebrating their unbirthday. Will Alice find her way home?


Performance dates
June 9th 7pm,  June 10th 1pm and 4pm
Performance Duration:80min

2/F, 1088 Plaza, No.1078 South Pudong Road, Lujiazui

Ticket Price
180RMB, including “Alice in Wonderland” themed  High Tea and a limited edition customer made tea cup
50 seats only for each performance
*Please present the paper ticket at entrance.

How to buy a ticket?

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